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Use one of HasliBike's hubs as your start and end point for a scenic day tour.

Car Park

Packed Lunches

Repair Material / Spare Parts

Shower and Dressing Room

Bike Wash

HasliBike's services and offerings includes everything you need for an unforgettable cycling experiences. You can fully concentrate on your road cycle/mountain bike and the surroundings, we will help you with the rest.


Parking spaces and changing rooms are available for day trips. You can also test and rent a brand new bike or rent and buy accessories. Among other things, GPS devices can be rented with pre-installed tours so that you don't get lost and find the perfect trails in the Haslital.


We can count several hotels among our partners, all of which highly welcome cyclists. Lockable bike rooms, cleaning devices, sports food and the possibility of having rental bikes delivered directly to the hotel. From small family houses to large, historic hotels, there is something suitble for everyone.


If you prepare for a big event or have a goal in mind, we will also support you here. Together with sports students and personal coaches, we can put together a training program that focuses on training, but also does not neglect regeneration and the beauty of the Bernese Highlands.

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