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Founded in 2020, toSUMMIT is your partner for digital transformation and innovation.

A clear strategy and process to deal with technological innovation and digital transformation is essential in today's fast changing world. It is not a question if a new disruptive technology will appear, it is only a question when. These technologies may already be here, in an earlier and vulnerable maturity level, like AR/VR for the (industrial) metaverse, blockchains, AI and they are getting better and more mature every minute.

Our experience, our mindset, our creative thinking, and our toolset of process models, thinking tools and best practices will coach and support you during the transformation and will help you solving the innovator's dilemma.

“The pace of change has never been this fast, yet it will never be this slow again.”

Justin Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister 2018

Why should everyone be an innovator and a corporate entrepreneur?

We all deal with unforeseen challenges in our business environment. These can be intrinsic factors like transformation strategies or financial goals or extrinsic factors e.g. from a market, an industry or an geopolitical space. In today's fast changing world, these challenges arise in short time frames. 

Innovation management is the practice to manage innovation, which is something new (a product, a service, a business model or a strategy) which is both, novel und useful. Innovation always needs to add value to be adopted and scaled.

Innovation can be categorized in sustaining and disruptive innovation. Sustaining Innovation is an evolutionary way to improve and common within incumbent businesses atop of their market. Disrupting Innovation is something completely new. It often starts on lower-ends of a market but can take off within a short timeframe and therefore disrupt whole industries.

Innovation happens always and everywhere. Therefore all companies have to think about new trends, new customer requirements and changes within the market. 

How can you start your innovation transformation?

Innovation Process.png

The definition of an innovation process is not difficult. The most important topic is, that it can't be a one time exercise. 

The aim is the creation of a constant flow of ideas, wich will be tested in the form of an experiment or a proof-of-concept, reworked and measured before they can be operationalized and scaled.

The whole process can be lived with existing tools and framework, as long as the mindset and management backup is existing.

Why is toSUMMIT the right partner?

All creativity and innovation models have the following four steps in common. It all starts with the clarification of the situation. Only with a clear understanding of the current situation the development of ideas is productive. 

However, Ideas can be wild and not realistic, but they all are in the context of the current situation, the so-called as-is situation. Based on ideas, solutions can be developed and after a comprehensive review, measurement and client testing, they can be implemented.

fundamental steps.png

We at toSUMMT have a clear intention to guide you through this various steps. We will use a pragmatic and effective set of tools to understand and document the as-is situation and to define focus areas and KPIs you want to further process.

Our approach is staggered to achieve results in short term with dedicated boost activities or they are comprehensive and long lasting to implement a structured innovation process for your company.

Nevertheless, the most important part in all creativity and innovation models and processes are the employees who live the process. Innovation is a mindset, a state of mind. The best documented process and the greatest understanding of the current situation will not be fruitful, if the employees are not on board.

Therefore we are committed not only to disrupt your processes but more important to foster an innovative mindset and culture.

What are our standard advisory offerings?

Light the spark

Get into a first discussion about innovation and transformation and why it is important. Set your goals and a timeline to achieve


Boost your transformation

Let us start with a first workshops to boost creativity, ideation, transformation or process design with various frameworks (e.g. design thinking or Deconstruct-Disrupt-Innovate).

2'000 CHF

for a 3-4h workshop

Become an Pro

Together we will define your innovation and transformation process according to a lean startup framework and create a recuring workshop calendar to innovate, transform and improve continuously.

180 CHF/h

Create an ecosystem

We will takeover the complete role of an innovation manager, incubation manager or transformation manager within your corporate structure. It will start with a transformation boost, a strategy workshop and a subsequent process and ecosystem definition.

180 CHF/h

What does toSUMMIT stand for?

toSUMMIT is not just a name, it has a deeper meaning how we as a company want to create value


We want to help our customers and partners to summit their goals. We want to be your partner on your journey to reach your summit. 

If you are an industry incumbent business you will say that you are on top, on your summit already. Why do you need toSUMMIT? Disruption happens everywhere and suddenly, therefore we want to help you staying on the summit with a comprehensive approach to deal with disruptions.

As a third meaning, a summit is a gathering. In todays connected global economy, we hardly achieve our goals or reach our summits alone. We need to summit, we need to work together.

Do you have an additional pain point or improvement area within your company?

We are also experienced in Workshop moderation and facilitation, ideation and creativity, strategy, organization, process analysis and design, business models etc.

Have we raised your attention? We would love to learn more about your challenges and ideas!


Röhrliberg 56

6330 Cham

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